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August 7, 2020

Asphalt Roof Cleaning: The Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Your roofing system is one of the most important components of your home. After all, without it, you and your home would be left vulnerable against the elements. Therefore, as it’s continuously exposed to the outdoors, you can expect your roof to become dirty every now and then. While a dirty roof won’t exactly do anything to damage the rest of your home, it can reduce its overall aesthetic appeal and as such, you should have your roof cleaned every once in a while. However, when you’re cleaning your roof, experts recommend that you remain as careful as possible to avoid damaging your roofing system.


In this article, the roof replacement and maintenance experts of Redemption Roofing discusses the dos and don’ts you need to keep in mind when cleaning your asphalt roof.

Do: Hire a Professional

If you’re looking to clean your roof, always hire a professional to get the job done. Remember; to effectively clean your roof, you’ll have to climb it and doing so can be hazardous for most homeowners, especially those who are inexperienced with cleaning their roofing systems. By hiring a professional, you can have your roof cleaned more thoroughly, efficiently, and safely.

Don’t: Pressure Wash

When cleaning your roof, don’t allow your roof cleaner to use a pressure washer to clean the roof. According to experts, since the water streaming out of your pressure washer can exceed 200 MPH, pressure washers can loosen, uplift, and tear your shingles or remove their protective granules. Either way, it causes damage to your roof that could otherwise have been avoided.

Do: Use an Eco-Friendly Solution

As much as possible, always make sure that your roof repair professional uses an eco-friendly solution to clean your roof. This is because cleaning your roof with harsh chemicals like bleach can corrode the metal parts of your roofing system, damaging it and causing your roof to deteriorate earlier than expected.

Don’t: Forget to Trim the Trees

There’s nothing wrong with having trees in your property. In fact, having trees in your property can increase its curb appeal and value. However, if left unattended, its branches can extend toward your roof and a strong gust of wind can cause it to snap and fall, damaging it as a result. With that in mind, since you’re already having your roof cleaned, consider having a professional trim your trees as well to prevent it from damaging your roof.

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