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American-made Attic Breeze® solar attic fans are the latest evolution in ventilation technology. And they are engineered for a lifetime of performance and durability, making your attic a place you might want to spend time in.

Attic Breeze® Removes Hot Air and Humidity from the Attic, Keeping it Cooler and Dryer.
When the sun beats down on your roof daily, heat builds up in the attic. This excessive attic heat raises your electric bills and reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system. Attic Breeze® solar attic fans present the ideal solution to this problem by using that same energy from the sun to continuously ventilate trapped hot air and cool your attic. The result is a more comfortable home that requires less energy to cool.

The less heat there is in the attic, the less heat there is in the home.
Hot attic air is displaced by cooler, ambient air drawn in from the intake ventilation, resulting in an HVAC system that works less, saving both energy and money. Not only does Attic Breeze® remove moisture and humidity, thus saving on cooling costs, it aids in helping your insulation work more effectively and shingles last longer.
Here are some indications of resulting efficiencies for both residential and commercial
PowerPerformanceCoverage Area
20 Watts1400 CFMUp to 2175 sq ft
30 Watts1700 CFMUp to 2725 sq ft
40 Watts875 CFMUp to 3000 sq ft
60 Watts2100 CFMUp to 3375 sq ft

Installation Requirements

Installation requirements depend on the size of the attic, the architecture, the roof pitch, and the specific ventilation application.

There are many color options.

Attic Breeze® color options are created with an AAMA 2604 Compliant, Series 38 Super Durable powder coated finish.

Stock color options include Jet Black, Bronze Brown, Weathered Gray, Polar White, Terra Cotta, Hickory, and Shakewood.

Custom color options include Brick Red, Classic Green, Turquoise, Hawaiian Blue, Sandstone, Anodized Silver, and Mill Finish.

Here are some other features of Attic Breeze® solar attic fans:

  • They have both a thermal switch and a fire safety switch in all models at no additional cost.
  • They have integrated, adjustable solar panel brackets.
  • They come with pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation.
  • They have dynamically balanced 14" 5-wing aluminum fan blades for high performance and whisper quiet operation.
  • They are constructed of Zincalume alloy with stainless steel hardware and brackets.
  • They come with a commercial grade, monocrystalline solar panel with impact resistant tempered glass.
  • They are manufactured with the latest generation of high efficiency solar cells for powerful performance.
  • They have been both Florida and Texas windstorm certified for use in hurricane wind zone areas.

Lifetime Warranty

Attic Breeze® stands behind the workmanship and commitment to quality of their product by offering an industry leading Lifetime Warranty on all of their residential solar attic fan models.

30% Federal® Tax Credit

Attic Breeze® products qualify for Federal Tax Credits, as well as state and local incentives in select locations. Federal Tax Credits apply to both the product and installation costs.

Highest Performance on the Market

The Attic Breeze®, Ultra Flo® design technology involves an all-metal, corrosion resistant, zincalume, alloy construction and impact resistant monocrystalline solar panel. It maximizes airflow production, offering the highest conversion efficiency (cfm/watt) of any solar powered ventilation product available.

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Solar Ventilation System Control

Breeze Mate® puts ventilation control in your hands.

The optional Breeze Mate® solar ventilation system combines Ultra Flo® ventilation technology and proprietary control system design to give you the most intelligent solar powered ventilation solution ever created.  It is easy to install and configure using wireless network technology.

Ultraflo Logo Trans Wht Sm

The Breeze Mate® solar ventilation system control allows for either manual or automatic fan control that manages up to 10 fans wirelessly. It also displays power output and fan control information, and has adjustable temperature and humidity controls. And it uses ultra-sensitive pressure sensing technology.

There is a Breeze Mate® control solution for all of your ventilation needs both residential and commercial.

Contact Redemption Roofing for more information about Attic Breeze® and Breeze Mate®. Ask for a free estimate today by calling at 936-321-3733 or completing our online quote request form.

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