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November 8, 2016

4 Reasons a Modified Bitumen Commercial Roof Is Right for You

Modified bitumen roofing is usually made from a modifier, such as styrene-butadiene-styrene or atactic polypropylene, which is added to an asphalt mixture. This modifier is meant to replace the plasticizer in order to make the entire system more pliable. This system may include a polyester fiber or fiberglass matting to add strength to the system. Your roofing contractor in The Woodlands, TX, or the surrounding area may suggest this system for a low-sloped commercial building. Why do building owners choose this roof?

  1. Easy Maintenance: No one wants to deal with a roof that is hard to maintain and repair. This particular commercial roofing is easy to repair when something goes wrong. Even though the repairs are easy, you may still want to hire a professional. Your contractor may be able to give you more information on this particular aspect.
  2. Durable: Depending on the exact modifier used, this product may be more durable because of its expansion and contraction capabilities. This roof is also known for its ability to persevere through inclement weather. Most people are looking for a roof that can protect their building.
  3. High-Quality: This reinforced roofing material is typically made from high-quality products. This knowledge may give you peace of mind as roofers install your new roof.
  4. Easy Installation: While professional help is required, the manufactured rolls are easy to install. Installation methods may include cold adhesives, torches or asphalts. When rolls are used, a small overlap is required to make the roof more water-resistant.

As you try to pick out your new commercial roofing material, you need to think about the pros and cons of each system. Finding the material that is right for you may take some research. Working with a trusted contractor can make the process easier. If you want to get more information about a modified bitumen roof, or any other type of commercial roof, consider calling the professionals at Redemption Roofing.

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