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August 21, 2020

5 Ways You Can Extend a Commercial Roof’s Lifespan

According to roof replacement pros, a commercial roofing system can be more difficult to care for compared to residential roofs. This is all due to the fact that a commercial roof lacks a slope and is larger than usual. As such, this makes caring for them a bit of a challenge for most property owners and often results in commercial roofs having a shorter lifespan than usual. Luckily, all hope isn’t lost as experts say that there is a way for property owners and building managers to extend their commercial roof’s lifespan beyond their expected life cycle.

Here are the five different ways you can extend your commercial roofing system’s lifespan.

1. Install Proper Roofing Ventilation - If you want to extend your commercial roofing system’s lifespan, experts say that one way you can do so is by installing proper roofing ventilation in your building. This is especially useful because proper roof ventilation is said to reduce heat buildup in your roof by improving airflow and adequately protecting it against seasonal weather changes. This means that with the right ventilation, your commercial roof won’t overheat during the warm months and prevent warm, moist air from rising to your roofing membrane during the colder periods, greatly extending the commercial roof’s overall lifespan in the process.

2. Trim the Surrounding Trees - If your building is surrounded by large trees and its branches are beginning to extend toward its roof, it’s highly recommended that you have the trees trimmed as soon as possible. This is because the overhanging branches can easily damage your commercial roofing system by scraping against the membrane. In fact, it’s even possible for the branches to snap, fall, and puncture the roof on a windy day. Therefore, if you’re looking to avoid damaging your commercial roofing system and you wish to extend its lifespan while you’re at it, be sure to have any nearby trees trimmed.

3. Remove Debris and Organic Material - Apart from trimming the nearby trees and installing proper ventilation, roof repair pros also recommend that you keep your commercial roofing system as clean as possible if you want to extend its overall lifespan. Often, this entails removing organic material and debris like leaves and other small objects that pile up and hold moisture to prevent water from infiltrating your roof. Apart from that, if you live in an area that’s prone to hot summers, removing organic material and debris can also prevent wildfires from starting on your commercial roofing system.

4. Have the Roof Inspected - As the building owner or property manager, it’s your responsibility to protect your roof and the only way you can do that is by knowing its current status. With that in mind, if you want to extend the lifespan of your commercial roof, one way to accomplish this is by having your roof’s exterior and interior inspected by a roofing professional at least twice a year. By having a dedicated inspection schedule in place, any problems and damage that your roof sustains can be identified and repaired before it becomes a major problem for your building.

5. Repair or Replace Missing or Damaged Parts If Needed - Finally, if there your roof sustains any form of damage to the point that some of its parts are missing, experts recommend that you have the affected areas repaired or replaced as soon as possible. That way, you can prevent your commercial roof from suffering from leaks or any further issues in the near future.

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