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September 8, 2016

CertainTeed Products on TV

Here at Redemption Roofing, we strive to give our customers access to high quality building materials. That is a big part of why we offer both CertainTeed and GAF products to our customers. We have a reputation to uphold, so we need the products we use on your roofing in the Conroe, TX, area to last a long time. As a homeowner, you may struggle to choose the roofing material for your project. Thankfully, you can learn about these manufacturers from a variety of sources.

CertainTeed, a building products manufacturer, has a reputation that can be seen nationwide, because many of their products are trusted by contractors all over the country. You can see their products in action on some television shows:

  • FOX’s “Home Free” is a home-building competition that has featured CertainTeed products since it started in 2015. You can see roofing, siding, insulation and drywall products being used as the competitors complete the various challenges.
  • CertainTeed Smartbatt® and CertaWrap® are used to create treehouses on the show “Treehouse Masters” on AnimalPlanet. This highlights the versatility of some of these products.
  • Certain roofing companies and contractors stand behind this manufacturer. On HGTV’s “Holmes on Homes” and DIY Network’s “Moving the McGillivray’s,” for example, you can see a variety of products being used by knowledgeable contractors.
  • In HGTV’s “Income Property,” CertainTeed’s Gypsum is often used to turn outdated rentals into properties with a lot of potential. This shows that CertainTeed products are a good option for any type of investment.

As you get ready for a roof repair, you need to figure out what type of products you are going to use. You have a lot of choices, but you need to consider the reputation of the manufacturers and their products. You can learn more about different products by talking with family and friends, asking your contractor and watching home improvement shows on television.

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