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May 9, 2016

Common Reasons for a Roof Leak

As a homeowner, it is important you are familiar with your roof. If you know what it looks like when it’s at the top of its form, you will be better prepared to call a roofer in Conroe, TX, when necessary. To that end, you need to be familiar with common roofing issues, such as leaks. What commonly causes a roof to leak?


Damage to the flashing, ridge cap or shingles can lead to leaks. Damage can be caused by high winds, hurricanes, rain, hail or snow. If you notice a leak, look for missing ridge caps, misplaced flashing, holes and missing shingles.


Obviously if your roof is going to leak there has to be moisture. However, excessive moisture from clogged gutters is a big reason for water seeping into your attic or down your walls. If you notice a leak, make sure your gutters are properly diverting water away from your home.


A flawed roof design can lead to issues with leaks. Incorrectly place vents or an improper slope can cause water to get into your attic or pool on your roof. A Conroe roof inspection should alert you to this type of issue.


Did you know a buildup of twigs, leaves, litter or other debris can cause your roof to leak? It’s because these objects can damage your roof and make it more susceptible to water damage. Have your roof cleaned to keep it in better, leak-free shape for longer.


Finally, a common reason for your roof to leak is because it is old. An old roof may need more than a roof repair to stop leaking. If your roof is always leaking and is quite old, you may want to consider getting a replacement.

Talk With an Expert

No matter why your roof is leaking, it is important you call in a roofer in Conroe, TX. He or she will be able to assess the situation and make the proper repairs to ensure your home, family and possessions are safe.

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