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February 4, 2016

Key Benefits of a Gutter Protection System on Your Home

You know those gutters on the edge of your home? Chances are if yours are in good working order, you haven’t paid much attention to them, but if you neglect those gutters there can be serious detrimental consequences. Over time the gutters often fill with debris, such as leaves, shingle granules, dirt, rocks, and other items that can block the flow of water and cause damage to your Conroe, TX roofing. If you’re constantly dealing with clogged gutters or you always have to clear them out, a gutter protection system might be a good idea for your home. Gutter guards offer several advantages.

1: No More Clogged Gutters

Well-designed gutter guards are designed to allow water to flow through the gutters while blocking debris, such as leaves, dirt, and other items. When water is flowing through gutters as it should, you avoid some of the problems associated with overflowing gutters, such as:

  • Flooded basements
  • Mold and mildew growth on your roof in Conroe
  • Insect breeding grounds in the gutters
  • Yard erosion from flooding

2: Get Your Weekends Back

If it seems like you spend way too much time up on a ladder clearing debris out of your gutters, or you are tired of paying someone else to do it on a regular basis, gutter guards can do the work by keeping debris out, and you can get your weekends back to spend time doing what you love—watching sports, playing golf, or hanging out with family and friends.

3: Protect Against Fire Dangers

In a dry climate like Texas, your Conroe roofing can be at risk of fire, and having debris accumulated in the gutters can actually put you at higher risk. Leaves provide just the fuel a fire might need if a spark finds its way to your neighborhood, so being able to keep those gutters clean can actually provide better fire protection for your home.

4: Protect Your Home

The foundation of your home is one of the most critical parts of your construction, but standing water in the vicinity of your foundation or basement can put your home at risk for flooding. Properly functioning gutters will reduce flooding dangers for your basement or crawl space and help keep your foundation in good shape.

If you need help with the gutters around your Conroe roofing, call a contractor today to talk about the options available.

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