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September 4, 2020

Why You Should Immediately Address Hail Damage on Your Roof

After an extreme weather event hits your area, you must have your roof inspected by a professional inspector or a storm damage expert. Heavy rains, high winds, and especially hail can be extremely damaging to your roof. Many times, you won’t even know your roof has been compromised until it starts leaking. 

Keep on reading to discover the cost of ignoring hail damage on roofs.

Your Roof Will Start Leaking

Asphalt shingles come with granules that protect their surface from harmful ultraviolet rays. Without these granules, UV light can damage the exposed area underneath and make it brittle. These affected areas will also be more susceptible to leaks. Leaks are the last thing you want to deal with in your home because this problem can only lead to another. Failure to detect it early can lead to water damage, mold growth, and electrical system issues. 

Denied Insurance Claim

Most insurance companies cover costs for roof repair due to storm damage. However, your insurer may refuse to pay for your repair costs if the damage is caused by neglect. Some also have deadlines for submitting claims to prevent further damage in your home. 

Signs of Hail Damage

You’ll know your roof has hail damage if the flashing bordering the system has apparent dents. Excessive amounts of granules in the gutters or on the ground are also indications of hail damage. Moreover, the hailstorm’s direction can allow you to determine the most affected part of your roof. You’ll notice that this area has experienced significant granule loss. 

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